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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  November 15, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PST

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album. good for google. >> john, bull or bear? >> i like george strait. bear. >> studies are efficient. the new bathroom is the new water cooler. they are on their cell phone eating lunch but they are not washing their hands. >> yuck. neil is next. cokum-bay-ya? i don't think so. 5 million illegals just through washington and while we're at it, american is thrown for a loop. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. the president is clearly doubling down on a series of executive orders reportedly set for next week freezing not only deportation, but if john boehner is right, freezing the hope for cooperation as well. >> we're going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path.
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>> you said before this government shut down should be off the table. the government shut down is not good for the party or the country. >> our goal here is to stop the president from violating his own oath of office and violating the constitution. it's not to shut down the government. >> well, maybe that is what the president is teeing up, goating republicans into shutting the government down. we'll see. what do you think of that? obviously the president is going full throttle with this, so there must be an end game? >> from day one, the president's ideology was never going to be what the republicans pushed for from the substantive point of view, but he's beating them on the emotional game time after time and the pr game, which doesn't hurt when you have the media blocking for you. so of course, right now you can distract the world with shutting down the government. you know, and within the republican party, who is in charge? the old school, the big government gop, libertarians,
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tea party? that's all he's going after right now. if he can find a way to crack that, because the worst thing they can probably do is shut down the government, but they should take imup on the should go the other steps. how about going to the impeachment route then? you want to play hardball -- we won't close the government because we lost that pr battle last time. let's try something different. >> all right, ben stein, you were chuckling before, what do you think of that? >> first of all, i love the phrase with the media block tackling. basically what mr. boehner said, mr. obama despite being a law professor at harvard doesn't know the constitution. it's not up to him to make the laws but it's up to him to execute the laws. congress makes the law. we were going to deport the 5 million people anyway, but it is not up to the president to make and execute the laws. we have a constitution. he's clearly planning to violate it. i think laws and the supreme court are immediately the ticket. >> well, the president is living
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with a series of executive orders, i don't know who is right but i do know it poisoned the wells, just the talk of it. >> i said that last week when you asked me that very question. >> did you just say what i said? >> well, exactly. not exactly. paraphrase. >> okay. i think neil said it better. >> that's okay. >> i have an answer for you. >> go ahead. >> two years is going to be the president and the white house trying to make republicans look as awful as they possibly can. it is nothing about using his words, optics. there's always a why now, why are you doing it now? he's saying, i dare you to do anything because i'll make you look worse than i do. >> he's playing with fire now. the republican party is different. it's smarter. there are adults in charge. the government is not going to be shut down. i don't believe they will
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impeach him and do what ben said, which is file a lawsuit. which is the right thing. i think -- he may even pose permanent damage to the democratic brand by doing this. listen, there was one message that came out of the election, that was the economic message. people in the middle are not making enough money. their wages are shrinking. and they are not working or at least not according to what the unemployment numbers say they are. they don't believe the obama administration is competent enough to handle ebola to isis. and this guy is going around talking about immigration right now. so i'm telling you, he's playing with fire. and there's one person who is even more uncomfortable than republicans are with this fight, and it's hillary clinton because if he doesn't change, she's not going to get elected in 2016. >> adam? >> so most of us, not all of us, most of us would rather that both sides were a little nicer to each other and trying to get things done for the good of the country. but this is a wholly appropriate example of politics being played. this is fine.
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you say charlie, the republicans learned their lesson, it's not at all clear they learned their lesson. >> from a political standpoint they have -- >> number one, he is not going to be calling the shots on this one. >> all right, make the point. i'm sorry. >> they need their votes to not shut the government down. number two, the immigration issue is a very effective political point for the president and for hillary clinton. and the republicans know this. wait, wait, wait! >> then why did the republican win in colorado? >> and why did the president punt this initiative until after the election because the democrats who were running and up for election or re-election didn't want him to touch it. so he waited. >> true. which is what i said last week. >> but there was one message that came out of these midterms. >> charles, what do you think? obviously, they are not starting off on a great foot here. and that would mean, i guess,
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that keystone and everything else, they are not going to see eye to eye on any of it. >> the president vetoes a keystone pipeline out of the senate later on. i think what charlie said is probably spot-on and the most spot-on in the sense this is an economic election. right now democrats are sending out fund-raising e-mails and tweets talking about climate change, talking about the president keeping the internet free. immigration, these are all things that are designed, the political country going nowhere over the last six years. >> you know what that means? the looney tunes are running the democratic party. as much as adam would like to say how the tea partiers are controlling the republican party, ted cruz, the lefty looney tunes are running the democratic party. in an election with working class people, your base is not working enough, not making enough money, you're talking climate control, you're talking immigration, you're attacking your base. therefore, there is one person
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who is really freaking out right now, and her name is hillary clinton. >> in less than two years when we have a general election campaign, the economy will be even stronger than it is now. we all know it's already strengthening. it will be a benefit for the democrats and i think immigration will be a wedge issue. >> look at the immigration issue. fine, fine, on immigration, i'm wondering where the political advantage would be there of them, because i understand that this is obviously a very negative appeal for hispanic votes. i'm wondering if it translates to gets hispanic votes. >> it has not come up yet that the democratic party did not do near as well with hispanics in some states as people were expecting. i'm questioning the -- okay.
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i question whether the hispanic vote is really for sale. so i think it could be that mr. obama is making a big mistake here. he's been known to make colossal mistakes and this is another one. >> i think this illustrates, and david, if you can't beat them, try to divide them. really, that's what this is all about. >> this is the way the presidents pluck them on the back of the ear, pluck, i dare ya. he's goating now. he's like, what are you going to do? he know this is is a hot-button issue for them. he's like, mitch mcconnell said, we are not going to shut down the government. we are not going to fight over this. >> you are not going to beat him. >> he could easily beat the republicans by compromise. let's face it obamacare is not going anyone. dodd-frank is what it is. i don't know why he doesn't try to help the economic growth
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rate, which would probably help hillary clinton. >> this is a theory that i have and the only one who has it, but i've heard enough from the white house people who have talked to me, like the gardner and chef, who assure me the reason the president isn't giving an inch to republicans is because he really feels the administration really feels that the republicans have never offered a fraction to him. so this is a childhood case of tit for tat, what do you think? >> i agree with you. the one thing we have not said in this conversation, big business wants immigration reform, too. >> i said that two weeks ago. >> why do you want immigration? because they want lower wages, that's why. >> we'll take a quick break. in the middle of this arctic blast, something the white house is planning to send your heating bill blasting off.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. america's top leader touching down in iraq, general martin dempsey making an announcement that baghdad will meet with u.s. commanders. this comes as the u.s. plans to double the number of military advisers in iraq in its campaign against isis. on thursday general dempsey said the pentagon would not rule out a small number of u.s. ground troops to fight alongside the iraqi army. and a powerful earthquake rocks indonesia. the 7.1 magnitude quake triggered a tsunami warning and the prospect of massive tidal waves as people ran autoof homes and buildings to higher ground for safety. fortunately, there are no reports of major damage or injuries. i'm kelly wright, go to
7:44 am for the latest news. i'm not talking about the early winter freeze, but president obama is cutting a deal with china that some fear could leave american households in the cold. china doesn't have to worry about this until 2030 or so. so that looks like a good deal to me. ben, what do you make of this? >> china is committed to considering key caveats in 2013. they are only considering it. we are being economically disarmed by mr. obama whose first two years were about medicare. these first six years, rather, the next two years are entirely, i shouldn't say obamacare, but they are about disarming america militarily and industrial through foreign policies. he's committed to making america a smaller, humbler, poorer
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country. i don't think this man generally loves america. i'm sorry to say that, but i think it's true. >> i don't want to go there. here's what i look at, remember when everyone dumped on george bush because he said, i'm not going to sign something that india and china do not have to sign. and everyone said, you're a dope and don't get this, but they contribute a good deal to the world's pollution and get a complete pass. so what is the answer then? >> well, the answer -- i don't know what the answer is because what china -- >> what should you pay for here? tell us. >> i'm scared to be the only girl on this panel. what china promised was already expected. a whole wide of array of reports estimated that -- >> why didn't the president do it? >> because he wants to regulate this country and through the epa he wants us to pay higher prices for our energy. this is what he wants.
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>> you people are so cynical about president obama, i just can't believe it. don't you believe that the fashionists in china are going to go along with this. this is such a joke. >> that's what i said, this was already expected. emissions were going to peak in 2030. >> you're cutting a deal with the devil. i mean, i don't know how you get around it. it's such a stupid pr move because it's so easy to see through. and it seems like what he's saying is, look, i got them finally to the table so let's take the jump first so we'll cut our emissions. >> but it's embarrassing for us. >> they look like idiots. >> i know what he had to do, i understand. >> why did he have to wear these shirts? >> it was like a star trek convention. >> i thought it was fake, i don't think it's real. >> it's embarrassing to us, charles. >> germany came back with a better deal in the paris treaty after world war ii. china is so polluted that at some point between 2030 they
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have to start cutting their emissio emissions, but the idea they are not obligated to it is such a joke. >> i thought we were getting that wrong, but ben's right, you're right, it's really sort of like a maybe. >> here's the thing, over the next four weeks america is going to be hit with the onslaught of regulations including one to cost $170 billion a year for the ozone, more regulations on future power plants, which is an oxymoron with this administration, and it's an embarrassment. >> wilt chamberlain looks like a as ya genius. >> some deal is better than no deal. and a half deal is better than no deal. and if we get americans serious about emissions, we can be an example to the world. that's the understanding i'm getting from the white house gardner. tell me where he's wrong. >> i think the gardner is
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informing you well, neil. and i want to point out -- >> 2030! >> yeah, but progress is progress. i mean, i'm not just saying that cynically. they are moving in the right direction. they weren't moving in the right direction. >> they were going to move in that direction anyway. this was only forecast by anybody, everybody around the world. >> there is political theater going on. >> adam, you believe this is all going to work out, right? you believe in this administration to do good for us, right? >> i believe that it's moving in the right direction. i also believe that with electricity prices in over overregulated economy are moving down, gas prices are moving down, et cetera. >> your reaction to that, ben? >> the whole thing is insanity.
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the idea that we are giving away our industrial power and china is promising to do absolutely nothing is just insanity. i don't get it at all. >> you're all a bunch of haters. >> it's political theater to hurt the american people. god forbid gas is cheap in this country. >> i want to get to this because i want you to be the first -- 2030, i'm starting that diet. >> i'm marking you down. >> meanwhile, is one of the key issues of obamacare going to be the one that ends up tearing it down? the forbes gang will debate that in a few minutes. but up next, the college graduate who is merely $30,000 in debt, what should they i do? why not just forget it?
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if only i had known this coming out of college. forgive and forget all that student debt. close. a new survey, 25% of millennials are expecting student loans to are forgiven. think coming with the average debt topping $28,000. what do you make of that? >> spoiled or stupid. >> okay. >> both. >> i wish i -- listen if my loans would have been forgive ein would have spent a couple years partying, hanging out with my friends. >> like you didn't? >> bombing and -- >> you know -- >> borrow money to go to college. go and get that graduate degree in poetry. you're going to get a job to pay
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those loans back. made it so easy that people think, oh -- >> to your point, talked about this on your fine show. we have an entitlement. everyone feels entitled to get a break. a lot of bration handed out to parents, and it's sort of in the well. >> it's in the well. look this week. nea, national education association push forge loan for giveness. teach is saying, forgive our loans. spent $100 million on the midterm elections and wants loans forgiven. i'm a student looking around, of course i should have my loans -- >> i want in on that. ben stein what do you make of that? >> an idea that will solve the problem. a marijuana consumption tax. everybody who wants to use marijuana has to get a license from the federal government. that money used to pay off the student loan debt. >> and the kids paying off their own loans. >> absolutely. exactly right. >> one-stop shopping. >> and think about it, back to the time we started with the
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bailouts, the banks, extended to the auto rescues, to those behind on mortgages and all, wildly out of control. i don't blame kids today coming out of school for thinking at least one in four of them that they wouldn't have to worry about this. >> i don't blame them for thinking it either but we're doing them wrong, us wrong. i'm not going to take so-called liberal perspective on this one. >> wait, wait. >> i know. >> continue that talk. >> go ahead. >> this is -- a big scandal. a scandal, though, because the universities are screwing the students. the teachers are screwing the students. the students are screwing the government. not paying loans back. >> you don't think one in four are seriously entertaining this? >> of course they are. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, they are. >> probably 2 in 4. >> where does that go? >> the democrats continue to try and push for loan forgiveness, particularly if the work for the government. loans forgiven earlier in your work history. >> shows how bad the bank
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bailouts are and should hold them accountable. you open the door bailing out bankster, everybody wants a piece of the pie. why not the kids? put $100 million in goldman sachs. >> depends if you like the kids. thank you all very, very much. >> am i ein vinvited back next ? >> no, you're not. stocks hitting all-time heiss. can't go higher? our stock pros say you might want to think again. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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stocks leading the market to new all-time highs. charles? >> markets at all-time heiss. rising coattails with tiffany's. >> adam? >> target a different retailer, nicely recovered from its credit card fee average oh, not all the way. will benefit from the a continuing strengthening economy. neil? >> exact opposite. >> all right. >> cars and drugs still have a long way to go. ford motor company's incredibly well-run company with great,
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great products and a superb management. >> guy, thank you all. continuing, david, here on the place for business news. fox and as i told you just last week, we're going to keep doing this every week. here's david. transparency, a huge political add vac and basically called the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, basically, that was really, really critical to get to the past. >> no matter how many times, rileals me up. obamacare admitting the law was passed by pulling a fast one on you, and most americans. calming them stupid, not once, not twice, at least three or four, even five times. take a look. >> pretty much the same thing. why does it matter? you'll see. too stupid to understand the difference. >> a clever, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the american voter. >> so as republicans look to


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